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What is Sims 4 custom content?

Custom content, also called cc, are items made by Sim players and non-simmer players that make your game look more realistic and gives an overall more satisfying gameplay. They up the game from its bland “vanilla” state, giving it a more real-world touch, making you want to spend hours building and decorating. When added to The Sims games, they provide enhancement and a tailored experience.

High Quality Sims 4 Custom Content

It can be quite a task at times, to search around for ts4 custom content. You spend hours browsing but is unable to find just the right items. Whether a piece of furniture or just some clutter to give a finishing touch to a room. Well, look no further. is a one stop site for furniture and décor items to satisfy your desire for custom content. As an avid Sims 4 player and someone who cannot do without cc in their own game, the creator behind this site embarked on the journey of making their own content that can also be shared with everyone.

free sims 4 furniture

Items ranging from beds, end and accent tables, dressers, desks, chairs, sofas, armchairs, dining tables, counters and cupboards, cushions, wall décor, office, room, hallway, bathroom and kitchen clutter plus food items. It’s all here. Simple to use, high quality items, made 100% by the creator, with adequate poly count so there is no need to worry about these cc slowing down your game. Inspiration for the models found on this website comes from amazing real-life furniture and decoration designers to ensure you are getting ts4 cc that looks realistic and gives that feeling of you being in your own little world.

High Quality Sims 4 CC

These contents are perfect for creators building amazing homes or persons using Simstagram, Simblr or Youtube platform to tell stories. Published items match various realistic themes to suit whatever style you are aiming for when building and decorating. Scandinavian, Victorian, rustic, minimalistic, contemporary, industrial, nautical, modern, country, bohemian, shabby chic. You can also download items for a specific season or event. Christmas, autumn, Easter, Halloween, weddings, birthdays, baby showers or just a simple home party.

The creator keeps up to date with all DLCs and stuff packs so meshes can be made to create a more realistic version of furniture or décor item that comes with these add-ons creating high quality sims 4 custom content. Sunkissedlilac’s meshes keep in line with the slots that matches in game objects so there is no need to worry about the trouble of them being functional.

Free TS4 CC

All preview photos posted with the downloads, are taken in game, allowing simmers to get a glimpse of how the mesh looks and functions before they download. No more worries that an item will not work or is full of glitches. Being aware of the desire to have “special” or out of the ordinary content in The Sims 4 game.

The creator offers exclusive items to anyone who supports Sunkissedlilacs on Patreon. It even gets better for those who choses silver or gold pledge. They have the opportunity to make request for a new mesh. Saw a piece of furniture or a home décor item you like, no problem to have it made! A special, unique mesh made just for you to add that special touch to your sims home.


As someone who struggled a bit on how to download an add custom content to their game, the creator offers a simple “how to download and add sims 4 custom content” guide on this website. This walkthrough sims 4 players with a step by step help on how to download and add content to their games. Worried that cc might affect your game? See the “how does sims 4 custom content work” section for a guide on how custom content works.

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